We liked it - Park Chinois review

Park Chinois review

Park Chinois is glitzy, elegant and glamorous, with unashamedly blazing-oriental interiors, with a side of velvet and tassels. Sexy low lighting (it may results as too dark during your dinner) and plush seats create an intimate, sexy and warm atmosphere. Perfect for a date as it does for celebrations with friends. Across two floors, you […]

Rochelt review

The latest Rochelt review

Rochelt is, indeed, one of my favourite spirits, thanks to its very high-quality ingredients and the passion to create it. We have visited Rochelt’s distillery during our stay in Austria (Sölden) and we liked it very much! Do you know Rochelt schnapps? If you have never tried Rochelt, you don’t know schnapps… this is what […]