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Rochelt is, indeed, one of my favourite spirits, thanks to its very high quality.

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Do you know Rochelt schnapps?

If you have never tried Rochelt, you don’t know schnapps… this is what Austrian people say! Like any great eau-de-vie, these Tyrolean treasures rely on fruit meticulously selected and harvested, carefully fermented and distilled to create a perfect snapshot of pure fruit at ideal ripeness. But these spirits have aged an average of a decade in small glass demijohns to coalesce, mellow and concentrate.

This exclusive Austrian’s schnapps, which comes in a signature green-glass crystal bottle, are rare and high-quality products, perfect for a meaningful gift, or to pumper yourself for special moments or occasions.

Rochelt shop
Rochelt Shop
Shopping at Rochelt
Shopping at Rochelt
Rochelt Bottle - artistic
Rochelt – Fritzens

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Rochelt - Review
Rochelt distillery

Name: Rochelt

Description: Making the finest fruit brandy from Tyrol

Price range: € 200 - € 450

Payment accepted: Credit Card

Currencies accepted: EUR


Telephone: +43 5224 52462

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User Review
4.17 (6 votes)
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Great distillery and excellent product

After having tasted Rochelt schnapps, I have always been curious to visit their distillery to get further details about the applied process. Hence I have been finally seen them in August 2020.

They explained their method and the attention they have when selecting the fruits they use to obtain the essence, and this is the key to their final high-quality product. Nothing has added in the distilled spirit, it’s pure nature. I have been able to taste different flavours and, of course, purchased some bottles for my personal collection.


  1. High quality
  2. Careful selection of raw materials and fruits
  3. Packaging


  1. Quite expensive
  2. Not being very well welcomed during the visit





    Can you please share the list of the available flavours?


    • I learned of a new product


    • what are the available flavours?

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  2. Riccardo-Colombara

    I have also purchased this amazing schnapps


    I have also purchased this product in the past, and I loved it. I hope I can buy it again soon… maybe for Xmas ???

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