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We are travelholic!

Among all our trips and travels, we grabbed different experiences and wanted to share our feedback to the world, helping people to choose the best products and services.

We aim to publish reviews to products and services, having excellent and positive feedback only.

The idea below our project is to focus on a selected and unique product range, giving suggestions only to excellence and best of the top.

we liked it

We believe this is the key to our service.

Also, we can sporadically review some products and services.

If so it’s only because we loved them and wanted to share

the positive impression and our opinion.

Did you know?

Users can rate features, leave comments on the reviews, add their review by giving stars to each service, and even mark other’s comments as helpful

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Sure, all our users can – once registered, of course – add a comment and or a review to each existing review. Let’s try it, and share your opinion.

Have you personally tested?

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Yes. We personally tested all services/products we post a review about.

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Yes, this is supported

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  1. this is my preferred hotel in London and the staff is so friendly and welcoming. I ❤️ this hotel

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