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During our trip to Singapore, we visited a few of Singapore’s hits and best attractions, and surely one of the best was the Gardens by the Bay experience. This is one of the best Singapore’s attractions we liked most.

What Gardens by the Bay is?

Basically, Gardens by the Bay is a nature park, spanning 101 hectares in Singapore, adjacent to Marina Bay.

The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, (in Marina South), Bay East Garden (in Marina East) and Bay Central Garden (in Downtown Core and Kallang).

The largest of the gardens is the Bay South Garden at 54 hectares (130 acres) designed by Grant Associates. Its Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world.

These include the ‘Landscape Award’ from World Architecture News in 2013, the ‘Best Attraction in Asia Pacific’ from Travel Weekly in 2015 and the ‘Best Attraction Experience’ at the 2019 Singapore Tourism Awards.

What to see at the Gardens by the Bay

Flower Dome

The beauty of nature beckons visitors to the Flower Dome in Bay South Gardens. Covering 1.28 hectares, this verdant space is the larger of three cooled conservatories, and broke the Guinness World Record as the World’s Largest Glass Greenhouse in 2015. It is home to plants and flowers from five continents, from thousand-year-old olive trees to magnolias and orchids.

While certainly one of the Gardens by the Bay’s most spectacular attractions, the Flower Dome is far from the only floral paradise that awaits visitors.

Floral Fantasy

As you explore Gardens by the Bay at your leisure, be sure to keep an eye out for Floral Fantasy.

The second of the Gardens’ three indoor conservatories delves into realms of both history and fantasy. Each of its four distinct zones takes inspiration from fairy tales and the storied Hanging Gardens of Babylon, with cavernous spaces, dramatic driftwood sculptures and works of floral art.

Cloud Forest

Gardens by the Bay’s third conservatory—the aptly named Cloud Forest—is a mist-filled landscape of rare vegetation and dramatic vistas.

Towering above the conservatories’ ferns and pitcher plants is Cloud Mountain, a 35-metre tall structure veiled in mist and covered in lush vegetation. Your imagination is bound to soar as you scale its heights, and discover plant life from the tropical highlands.

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Supertree Grove

As you exit the conservatory, you’re likely to notice a grove of soaring, surreal structures, known as the Supertrees. These vertical gardens span 25 to 50 metres in height, with two of the towering structures connected by the dramatic arch of the OCBC Skyway. When dusk falls, the grove lights up with the Garden Rhapsody, a spectacle of light and sound. For an unforgettable view of Singapore, ascend to the top of the Supertree Observatory, a 50-metre-high observation deck, which boasts an unobstructed vista of the beautiful Marina Bay district.

Round off your visit to Gardens by the Bay with an unforgettable sunset at Bay East Garden. The lush open lawns and beautiful waterfront will give you an unobscured view of Singapore’s skyline.

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Visiting Gardens by the Bay – we liked it

Since its opening in 2012, the gardens have become an integral part of Singapore’s unique skyline and its most visited landmark.

The beauty you’ve seen in photos is Gardens by the Bay South, also known as Bay South Garden. The main access is a bridge over beautiful Dragonfly Lake. This bridge takes you to the Heritage Gardens. The Supertrees are after these four small gardens. You can go from tree to tree on the OCBC Skyway. You can eat at any of the restaurants and cafés behind the Supertrees. Behind the restaurants, you will find another set of gardens: the World of Plants. Two giant glass structures dominate the area closer to Marina Bay: The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. A giant canopy connects these two glass structures. As you can see, everything in Gardens by the Bay follows a plan.

After crossing the bridge, you’ll step into the four Heritage Gardens of Singapore. Three are Singapore’s ethnic groups: Chinese, Malay, and Indian. The fourth is about its colonial heritage. In the Chinese Garden, you’ll see artistic artificial rocks, trimmed bushes, and water elements imitating nature. The Malay Garden houses plants that Malays cultivate, like coconut, durian, rambutan, and breadfruit. The Indian Garden represents Hindu religious texts like the Ayurveda, where plants are offered to Gods and Deities. Finally, the Colonial Garden tells the story of the spice trade. Here you’ll find aromatic plants, from coffee and cocoa trees to rubber and cloves.

The most recognizable elements of the gardens and probably of Singapore, are the enormous man-made trees called Supertrees. The 25 to 50-meter tall structures culminate in giant canopies that provide shade from the sun. Each tree has a concrete core, steel frame, and numerous species of plants inside the trunk. In total, there are 18 extra-large trees: 12 in the Supertree Grove, 3 in the Silver Garden, and 3 in the Golden Garden. The impressive Supertree Grove is the centre point of the Gardens by the Bay. It consists of eight smaller trees, three larger ones, and one enormous tree that homes the Supertree Observatory. The famous aerial walkway, OCBC Skyway, connects two large trees 22 meters above the ground. As you can imagine, the views from there are unbelievable.

The World of Plants is another group of thematic gardens. Here you can learn about tropical plants and ecosystems. The Discovery garden showcases some of the oldest plants in the world. The Web of Life houses several different fig-trees, the favourite food of orangutans and hornbills. The Fruits and Flowers section is an impressive collection of different fruit and flower species. The Understorey Garden teaches us how decomposers like mushrooms produce nutrients for the ecosystem. In the World of Palms, you can learn about the different uses of these beautiful plants. Finally, the last garden of World of Plants, Secret Life of Trees, talks about the challenges that Singapore trees face to survive.

On the other hand, the Cloud Forest conservatory houses rare plants. There are different levels inside. The first thing you’ll notice is an artificial mountain covered by plants. The waterfall falling from the 35-meter mountain is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. The Lost World is at the top of the mountain. As you can imagine, it is a collection of plants found at high altitudes. A long pedestrian bridge called Cloud Walk surrounds the mountain. Under the top, there is a Cavern and a Crystal Mountain where you can see real stalactites and stalagmites. In the middle of the venue, the Secret Garden displays several types of plants, from orchids to begonias. Next to it, the Cloud Forest Gallery and Theater are two educational rooms. What else could you ask for? Another pedestrian bridge, the Treetop Walk, connects it all.

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Light show at gardens by the bay - we liked it - review
Gardens by the Bay – we liked it

Garden Rhapsody Light and Sound Show

Everything in Gardens by the Bay is spectacular: its gardens, lakes, and architecture. To enjoy it to the fullest, stay for the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show. Lighting designer Adrian Tan and music composer Bang Wenfu created a colourful music show that highlights the beauty of the gardens. This 15-minute spectacle takes place every evening at 7:15 and 8:15 at the Supertree Grove. We recommend watching part of the show under the trees and the rest from a distance. You won’t believe your eyes!

Gardens by the Bay video

Gardens by the Bay review by we liked it

Gardens by the Bay review by we liked it 18,53
we liked it gardens by the bay review

Name: Gardens by the Bay

Description: Big spacious garden, beautiful scenery n peaceful. There are many attractions (need to pay for entrance) within the garden. At night it turns into an interesting beautiful musical colourful garden that is free (posted video). You should definitely visit Gardens by the Bay while you are in Singapore. The gardens, the trees and the light show are amazing!

Price range: 18,53

Payment accepted: Credit Card

Currencies accepted: EUR

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

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Gardens by the Bay review

Big spacious garden, beautiful scenery n peaceful. There are many attractions (need to pay for entrance) within the garden.

At night it turns into an interesting beautiful musical colourful garden that is free (posted video).

You should definitely visit Gardens by the Bay while you are in Singapore. The gardens, the trees and the light show are amazing!


Magic gardens and great environment

We loved the musical light show (video in the article)


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