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La Mole Antonelliana review

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The Mole is the symbol of Turin

The Mole Antonelliana is still considered as Turin’s symbol. It is the most iconic sight on the modern-day Turin skyline. Completed in 1889, the building takes its name from its architect, the Italian Alessandro Antonelli who was also responsible for the Basilica di San Gaudenzio in the city of Novara.

What to see in Turin

When visiting Turin you can not miss this architectural masterpiece, hence so we did not! We purchased several guides of Turin before visiting, you can find here a list of the most suggested and valued ones.
Now housing the National Museum of Cinema, the building reaches a total height of 168 metres. It was a record when was built in the late nineteen century.

Torino is an aristocratic “old lady” more than two thousand years old, having Roman origins whose vestiges are still visible in “her” main monuments (Porte Palatine – just to mention one), streets, squares and underground. It’s indeed a re-born “old lady”, built out of her own ashes. Close to France, Turin and especially its city centre offers the same romantic and elegant atmosphere. We would consider it more dynamic, innovative and modern than the rest of the other Italian cities, and most importantly, always proud of her great historical heritage.

The location – where is the Mole located?

An architectural landmark of the city of Turin, it was initially conceived as a synagogue, before being bought by the Municipality of Turin and made into a monument to national unity. Planned and begun by architect Alessandro Antonelli in 1863, it was only completed in 1889.

With a height of 168 metres, it was the tallest brick building in Europe at the time.

The panoramic lift was inaugurated in 1961, during the celebrations for the centenary of the Italian Unification and it was renovated in 1999. Today it still allows visitors to go up to the panoramic terrace which is 85 metres high and take in the amazing views of the city and the surrounding Alps.

Visitors can also climb on foot along the cavity of the dome stairs, up to the panoramic terrace.

Discover La Mole – video

#EXPLORERS – Rai Gulp – Museo del Cinema Mole Antonelliana from Nicolò Piccione on Vimeo.

The building offers some of the best opportunities for panoramic views of the city and the surrounding area. You can buy a ticket for the lift that winds up through the central atrium of the Cinema Museum before reaching a vertigo-inducing viewing area.

You can get the best view of the iconic tower itself and the Italian Alps behind it in the distance by climbing the nearby Monte dei Cappuccini. 

The Cinema Museum

Inside Antonelli’s most famous building, you will find the Cinema Museum. This is considered as an unmissable excursion when visiting Turin.

The Museum is one of the most important in the world for the wealth of material and the multiplicity of its scientific and educational activities. Yet what makes it really unique is the specific format of the display.

The 2000 layout, which was further renovated in 2006 with new multimedia and interactive stations, has the goal of involving you in a real adventure. The museum recommends following its spiral itinerary spread over five floors, with spaces dedicated to the main roles that contribute to the creation of a movie. Great historical scenographies, such as sculptures of monstrous figures for the first hit of Italian cinema, create an unforgettable experience.

Among the most important in the world for its rich heritage and the diversity of its scientific and educational activities, the museum owes its uniqueness to its exhibition set-up.

The Museo Nazionale del Cinema is an Italian motion picture museum. The collection includes pre-cinematographic optical devices (magic lanterns), earlier and current film technologies, stage items from old Italian movies and various memorabilia. Furthermore, there are collections of film posters, stocks, and a library, with 20,000 devices, paintings and printed artworks, 80,000 pictures, more than 300,000 film posters, around 12,000 movie reels and around 26,000 books related to the film. The collection is divided over 5 floors.

This “temple of cinema” spirals upwards through several exhibition levels, creating a spectacular display of its extraordinary collections and retracing the history of cinema from its origins to the present time, in an evocative interactive itinerary.

The museum offers other services next to the entrance, such as the bookshop and a free jukebox that plays a wide selection of soundtracks that have made movie history. At the end of your visit, or if you like at the beginning, you can relax lounging on comfortable red armchairs and enjoy the 360-degree view of the museum and the Mole’s dome. From this comfortable position, you can also watch videos that have specifically been made to entertain visitors.

La Mole Antonelliana – review

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La Mole Antonelliana and the Cinema Musem

This Museum is really interesting and it is hosted inside the symbol of the city. You can also walk to the top of the Mole, which is a good experience. So many interesting exhibits brings back so many memories, it was a very nice experience and an enjoyable visit, even if you are not very passionate or not consider yourself as a cinema-expert, you will love the visit. Excellent location, excellent exposure of a large collection of film material!  


Located in the centre of Turin The ticket is not too expensive Fabulous view of the Italian Alps and Turin surroundings  


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