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Rochelt is, indeed, one of my favourite spirits, thanks to its very high-quality ingredients and the passion to create it. We have visited Rochelt’s distillery during our stay in Austria (Sölden) and we liked it very much!

Do you know Rochelt schnapps?

If you have never tried Rochelt, you don’t know schnapps… this is what Austrian people say! Like any great eau-de-vie, these Tyrolean treasures rely on fruit meticulously selected and harvested, carefully fermented and distilled to create a perfect snapshot of pure fruit at ideal ripeness. But these spirits have aged an average of a decade in small glass demijohns to coalesce, mellow and concentrate.

These exclusive Austrian’s schnapps, which comes in a signature green-glass crystal bottle, are rare and high-quality products, perfect for a meaningful gift, or to pumper yourself for special moments or occasions.

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The latest Rochelt review | we liked it

The location: Fritzens

Fritzens is a small town, located about 16 km in the east of Innsbruck close to Wattens, which is famous for its Swarovski Crystal Worlds. In 1170 AD Fritzens was documented for the first time as “Frucines”. The village developed out of the Meierhof farm, which was in charge of the milling, hunting and fishing rights. The emblem of the municipality illustrates a silver earth-ware jar in the lower part, referring to the Fritzens-Sanzeno culture, and a black bear in the upper part, referring to the Bärenbach river (bear river).

The small, but pretty village of Fritzens is much revered in gourmet circles and also way beyond the region’s boundaries. The striking bottles of the Fritzens-based Rochelt company, which makes high-class schnapps and brandies from the finest fruit, are essential stock items for every award-winning restaurant. But there are other brandy distilleries in Fritzens, such as Zalesky and Zimmermann, and guided tours through the fascinating world of fruit brandies are available to interested parties.

The history of this attractive village, which is repeatedly voted the prettiest floral village in the district, goes back to the La Tène era. Fragments of pottery, known as “Fritzner Keramik”, played an important part in unravelling the mysteries of Tyrol’s distant past. The gently rolling countryside around Fritzens is inviting territory, particularly for families been to undertake interesting days out and explore higher altitudes. But one special attraction well worth a visit is the parish church, where precious carvings and portrayals of the church’s patron, John the Baptist, provide good opportunities to stop and reflect.

Nature lovers might like to use Fritzens as a base for a wide variety of activities. There are a variety of walking trails for all levels, from an easy stroll to more arduous walking tours. The gently rolling hills around the Tyrolean village are much loved by families, even those with buggies. It’s a great place for a day out in the beautiful Alpine countryside.

In recent years more and more pilgrims have been passing through the municipality as they make their way along the Tyrolean section of the Way of St James. And they often stop off here for a break.

It is actually very easy to get from the village to the Hall-Wattens region’s Nordic walking trail network.

The neighbouring villages of Wattens and Baumkirchen make good starting points for a varied range of tours. Mountain bike trails and cycling routes, such as along the Inn cycle path, are easy to reach.

When the temperatures rise in the summer and you feel like a dip, then the cool waters of the Weislahnsee are not far away.

In winter, you can explore the Tyrolean section of the Inntal Valley on snowy winter walking trails. Visitors from near and far come to Fritzens, particularly at Christmas time, to admire the handmade cribs.

In 1917 traces of a settlement were found at Fritzens, partially dating back to the 6th century BC. As this settlement is similar to the one found in Sanzeno in Trentino (Italy), where also archaeological findings were excavated, both sites characterised the term “Fritzens-Sanzeno culture”. In other words, it is a cultural period of the Iron Age or La-Tène period in the Alpine area, lived by the Rhaetians.

This culture group developed its own forms in terms of handicrafts, burial rituals and religion. They e.g. developed an alphabet that is similar to one of the runes and they had their own fibulae such as the “Helmkopffiebel” and the “Krebsschwanzfiebel”. Also, the parish church is worth to be visited. Originally in this place, there was a little neo-Gothic church, before the inhabitants of Fritzens decided to have it enlarged to their parish church. In fact, the church was completed within 99 days! Today it boasts precious wood carvings and pictures.

Fritzens is an ideal starting point for hikes and mountain tours into the surrounding world of mountains.

Lake Achensee, which is located only a stone’s throw from Fritzens, provides various possibilities for leisure time activities and is a particular attraction in summer. Due to its location, in winter several skiing areas are within easy reaches, such as the Glungezer mountain, a popular family skiing area with 23 km of ski runs located in Tulfes, 13 km away. Moreover, there are the ski resorts Rofan, located at Lake Achensee, or the Kellerjoch skiing area, which can be found in Schwaz, 12 km away. As you might notice, if you would like to spend active holidays, you have chosen the right place.

When you go to Fritzens you can not miss a visit to Rochelt distillery and its shop (we liked it a lot), like us 😊 (below pictures of our last visit to Rochelt’s shop):

Shopping at Rochelt
Shopping at Rochelt
Rochelt shop
Rochelt Shop
Rochelt Bottle - artistic
Rochelt – Fritzens

Let’s visit Tyrol best attractions

Rochelt review by we liked it

Rochelt - Review
Rochelt distillery

Name: Rochelt

Description: Making the finest fruit brandy from Tyrol

Price range: 175 - 400

Payment accepted: Credit Card

Currencies accepted: EUR


Telephone: +43 5224 52462

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Great distillery and excellent product

After having tasted Rochelt schnapps, I have always been curious to visit their distillery to get further details about the applied process. Hence I have been finally seen them in August 2020, and most recently, I visited them again in August 2021 (I needed to buy additional bottles 😊😊😊) 

They explained their method and the attention they have when selecting the fruits they use to obtain the essence, and this is the key to their final high-quality product. Nothing has been added in the distilled spirit, it’s pure nature. I have been able to taste different flavours and, of course, purchased some bottles for my personal collection.

I suggest you get in contact with them and schedule a guided tour, they will be welcoming you and showing you their way to create such an amazing spirit. 


  1. High quality
  2. Careful selection of raw materials and fruits
  3. Packaging (the bottles are from Swarovski) 


  1. Quite expensive product

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