Villa Colina review by we liked it

Villa Colina review

Villa Colina review: This amazing villa is a Furnished Villa for Rent classified 5 stars, all comfort, on the outskirts of Cannes, perfect for your personal vacation with friends or family or for your local business meetings. We have stayed at this hotel in April, so despite was low-season we had an excellent experience and […]

we liked it la mole antonelliana review

La Mole Antonelliana review

The Mole is the symbol of Turin The Mole Antonelliana is still considered as Turin’s symbol. It is the most iconic sight on the modern-day Turin skyline. Completed in 1889, the building takes its name from its architect, the Italian Alessandro Antonelli who was also responsible for the Basilica di San Gaudenzio in the city of Novara. What to […]

ice q restaurant review by we liked it

ice Q Restaurant review – superb

Among Sölden's many restaurants and attractions, we should not miss the iconic ice Q Restaurant, an architectural masterpiece - where the shimmering of the glass facades and pure steel meets rock - build on top of a mountain at an altitude of 3.048 meters. That's our positive ice Q restaurant review, from our last visit [...]
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Reviewed destinations by we liked it You can find here a summary of our reviewed destinations. You can easily find our reviews at the below destinations. Turin New York Sölden Singapore Fritzens London Andermatt Turin – Italy We visited Turin many times during the last few years, as we have several friends living there. During […]

Gardens by the bay - we liked it

Gardens by the Bay review

During our trip to Singapore, we visited a few of Singapore’s hits and best attractions, and surely one of the best was the Gardens by the Bay experience. This is one of the best Singapore’s attractions we liked most. What Gardens by the Bay is What to see The experience The light show Watch the […]

Bergland Design and Wellness Hotel Review

Bergland Design and Wellness Hotel review

In the 5 stars Bergland Design and Wellness hotel, guests can look forward to five-star comfort and a mix of minimalism and traditional alpine style at this spa hotel in a central yet peaceful location in the heart of Sölden. Indeed this is one of my favourite hotels to spend my Summer Holidays and a very-suggested place to […]