we liked it la mole antonelliana review

La Mole Antonelliana review

The Mole is the symbol of Turin The Mole Antonelliana is still considered as Turin’s symbol. It is the most iconic sight on the modern-day Turin skyline. Completed in 1889, the building takes its name from its architect, the Italian Alessandro Antonelli who was also responsible for the Basilica di San Gaudenzio in the city of Novara. What to […]

we liked it - la pista restaurant review

La Pista restaurant review

A brand new restaurant with an exclusive location (located at the top of the Lingotto) has recently been inaugurated. This is La Pista which we visited during our stay in Turin. An innovative format that includes a restaurant and a cocktail bar (the latter at absolutely affordable prices, average cost of cocktails 12 euros) with […]

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Reviewed destinations by we liked it You can find here a summary of our reviewed destinations. You can easily find our reviews at the below destinations. Turin New York Sölden Singapore Fritzens London Andermatt Turin – Italy We visited Turin many times during the last few years, as we have several friends living there. During […]

Turin Palace Hotel review

New – Turin Palace Hotel review

Have a look at the Turin Palace hotel review – we stayed at this hotel in May 2021 Turin Palace Hotel – Location The Turin Palace Hotel has conveniently located a two-minute walk from the Porta Nuova train station, giving guests easy access to the airport, as well as around the city via subway and […]